Online guide can teach anyone to use the sewing machine

If you are a beginner level sewer, then the use of the sewing machine can look somewhat difficult at all. Don’t worry because there is a help with sewing any type of cloth on the sewing machine on the web. When you are looking at the online platform, there you can easily find the different types of the websites such as Teach You To Sew offering the extraordinary step by step guide to understand the anatomy of the sewing machine, its setup and how to use it perfectly.

Learning the parts of the sewing machine

Before get started with the sewing machine to make the stitches, it is always better learning everything about the various parts of it. They include,

  • Find a power switch – A very common and silly mistake that the beginner sewers are doing is that they can’t find where the power switch of their sewing machine is. Everyone should have to locate your sewing machine power switch depending on the brand and type of your sewing machine model.
  • Locate a spool pin – It is a very small metal or plastic pin which is available at the top of your sewing machine. This spool pin is very helpful to hold your thread spool.
  • Look for the thread guide – According to the model of the sewing machine, you have to properly do threading by looking at the given thread guide.
  • Finding a bobbin winder – The bobbin winder is to put your bobbin which works together with the spool of the thread.

Other significant parts of the sewing machine

  • Stitch adjustment buttons – There is a button to adjust a size of the stitches as per your requirements for the different types of clothing. If you are rotating this button, the size of the stitches will be varied. You can check out the size by making the stitches on the rough clothing.
  • Thread take up lever – While threading your sewing machine, you should also put and get through the thread via the take up lever. It will be greatly helpful to give the proper tension to your thread.
  • Tension dial – It is the small numbered wheel which is near the take up lever in order to control the thread tension while sewing.

All these parts of the sewing machine should be carefully handled in order to get the best thread control and clear stitching on any type of fabric.